Long Term Vision

The 20-unit townhouse project will be the first step toward the development of a Tower 2025 Vision Plan.

The plan seeks to develop a framework to coordinate efforts for the City of Tower to become a model sustainable community that stimulates long-term growth in a healthy, resilient, and economically vibrant way.

With environmental restoration and economic resiliency as core strategies, the vision proactively focuses on enhancing local natural capital to improve Tower’s ability to adapt to changing economic conditions and develop capabilities for the local government and citizens to shape their own fiscal destiny.



Future Phases

Future development may consist of a new hotel on the west side of Highway 169, a senior housing project, additional townhouse units, and new commercial development on the north side of the harbor.

It is hoped that the historic brewery, now the three-story Iron Ore Bar, will be renovated as an up-scale supper club/steak house with elevator access to upper floors for meetings and banquets. The Benchwarmer restaurant might be renovated as a casual dining facility accessible to boaters from Lake Vermilion via City boat slips on the north side of the harbor.


The design of the 20 townhouses, as illustrated in the concept drawings, is contemporary, with simple and strong Nordic country character. The exterior is painted horizontal and vertical fiber-cement boards, prefinished windows and doors, and a grey roof. Trim is a contrasting color along with large painted house numbers. The interior is painted with accent colors on gypsum board walls and ceilings, with wood flooring, cabinets and integrated appliances. An optional screen porch is provided.

The floor plans consist of six 3 Bedroom Plus units of 1,710 square feet, six basic 3 Bedroom units with 1,584 square feet, and eight basic 2 Bedroom units of 1,433 square feet. These are finished areas, not including the two-car garage space.

Green design principles have been followed providing high performance insulation throughout that will exceed standards by 50%. Windows are triple glazed and the heating and air conditioning system is proposed to be geothermal with a backup high efficiency propane gas furnace. Lighting is all LED. Solar energy panels are available to reduce energy costs and daylighting is provided by skylights and windows.

The City of Tower will construct the access road (maintained and plowed by the City), install utilities, and provide boat slips to lease to each home owner (leasers can provide their own boat lift and covered slip). In addition the City will be constructing connections to the Mesabi Trail System from the downtown and around the harbor.

Condominium Apartment Building

The condominium apartments will provide one bedroom units of 810 square feet and two bedroom units of 1,170 square feet. The design consists of two or three stories (depending on the market) with underground parking. Each floor has the condo apartments, with balconies, on one side of the connecting corridor so that all units overlook the harbor development. The architecture of the condominium building will reflect the same Nordic country character of the townhouse development.